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The UK is called a country of tea drinkers. An individual as soon as asked us if we consumed tea at 3 o’clock everyday as some sort of ritual! Most of us don’t understand that this tea is often grown on tea plantations in the developing world where the crops are sprayed with lots of chemicals and pesticides and the workers that pick the leaves are not just exposed to this risk but are frequently paid a pittance of a wage.

Organic and Fairtrade coffee, cocoa and tea are growing in popularity as people realise the advantages of investing those extra cents per box and the payback in both health and human terms.

Why purchase natural tea, coffee or cocoa?

Customers normally decide to buy due to the fact that production is carried out utilizing sustainable farming practices, particularly not permitting deforestation to occur as part of plantation farming methods.

Some producers decrease the Fairtrade path, which gives the customer even more selfless benefit in regards to assurance that the workers on the tea or coffee plantations have been working under improved conditions and terms, giving them a much better quality of life and decreasing exploitation. You can now buy natural, Fairtrade tea which is very little more pricey then just organic tea. I buy Morrisons own top quality natural, fairtrade tea bags as its cheaper than the branded items such as clipper teas.

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Just what is natural I hear you ask?

Tea or coffee certifies as organic only when environment-friendly strategies are used in its production. A natural system should basically be a self-sufficient one, creating the farm at the time of facility of new natural tea or coffee plantation is crucial for optimal usage of resources within the plantation itself.

In order to develop natural tea fields or coffee plantations, it is required to build up inherent nutrient levels and neutralise the chemical residues left in soils from past cultivation. If plantation is taken up prior to conversion duration is over, chemical residues may show up in the item.

Insect pest and illness management

Pest and illness management in organic farming systems rely on the inherent balance in nature. This includes using natural opponents of insects to keep their numbers in check.

There are many ranges of organic natural teas now offered. Some of these have the added benefit of having medicinal homes. Peppermint tea help indigestion and chamomile can soothe and relax you.

They, Moving Beans, are a start-up that has provided compostable Nespresso pods for many years, with much more insights at Moving Beans. Or go through an interesting article on compostable Nespresso pods. They were one of the first to sell truly natural coffee capsules.

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