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You can recycle Nespresso pills through Nestle’s own recycling plan. You can get unique recycling bags they’ll collect, you can publish them back, or you can drop off the bags of your used pills for recycling at Nespresso Boutiques.

Right from the start, the single-serve aluminum or plastic pods develop a lot of unnecessary waste. Drawing out and processing raw materials is not always cheap, and both making and recycling them are energy-intensive processes. So, even if you do recycle, a lot of raw materials and a lot of energy is utilized, which creates a lot of pollution and leaves a big carbon footprint. Plastic waste has also been the reason for the devastating damage being done to our oceans (you can find out more about that here, here and here.).

Nespresso will not state how numerous of its pods get recycled through the recycling scheme. This absence of transparency has actually already been criticized. This is bad, given that transparency from any business in this industry – not only Nestlé – is necessary, especially when it pertains to the environmental effect of the items being produced.

At the heart of this, there are three huge issues with the recycling plans for coffee pills. It’s not that simple to recycle Nespresso pills. To include to that, the recycling procedure itself takes up a lot of energy and still produces waste and pollution.

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Needing to go through Nespresso’s own recycling plan lowers the basic convenience of using the system in the first place and can sustain additional costs to the client too. Sure, you might believe “a bit of extra effort is no big deal if it’s assisting the environment”, however it’s much better to get to the root of the issue and remove it totally! In addition, the recycling for domestic waste does not recycle mixed products (which includes coffee capsules) or materials polluted with food waste (consisting of used coffee grounds!).

Our method solves all of these concerns. There’s absolutely no aluminium or plastic in our items at all, so there’s no requirement to go through the energy-intensive procedures of making it then recycling it in the first place. Additionally, the benefit is still maintained. Food garbage disposal is available and easy all over, and you can throw the whole pill out into compost or food waste once it’s been used!

In other words, there’s no extra cost to the environment throughout production and disposal of our items, and there’s no additional cost to the consumer when they’ve utilized our products.

They, Moving Beans, are an SME that has been providing compostable coffee pods for a long time, with much more info under the website of Moving Beans. Alternatively browse an interesting blog on compostable coffee pods. They were one of the first to sell sustainable coffee capsules.

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