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Coffee and health used to be a controversed theme in the seventies. Nowadays, moderate coffee consumption is rather exonerated from its supposed unfavorable long term effects upon health.
My mother utilized to be one of those persons who teaches her offspring, in its early ages, that coffee is not bad. In effect, I managed to keep away from coffee.

That was the moment I began to exercise my palate on coffee. In those days, I remember developping a partiality for coffee with milk. Or ought to I state milk with coffee … However, I know now that the coffee I was drinking back then was indeed, not so good. Preground, over boiled, sometimes brewed over the grounds from the other day, could you think of worst? Not surprising that I wanted to hyde those horrible qualities with tones of milk.

In the meantime, I probably took an excellent sip of coffee on the road and woke-up to a lot more enjoyable truth. Coffee is not bad. It is great excellent good. Why are there so lots of voices whispering that coffee and health don’t go well together?


Call it food or drink, coffee is devoid of any nutritional value, and, as indecent as it might sound, we consume it exclusively for satisfaction.

Yes, the caffeine material in coffee is partialy responsible for that pleasure. Caffeine serves as a mild stimulent over the central nervous system, that results in better memory, much better ideea-associations and judgements, better moovement-coordination.

A regular cup of coffee (even drip coffee) includes about 100 – 150 milligrams of caffeine. Refering to average coffee drinker again, s/he can have three or four sips (servings) of coffee every day aside from any health risk.

The thing about coffee is quite the exact same as with other foods and beverages. The typical coffee drinker can experience nocive effects after ingesting 550 milligrams (females) and 700 milligrams (males) at one sit. I state, it would be impossible to reach it specifically by consuming coffee, as you must ingest 100 cups at one sit.

When certain health problems are allready present, Coffee is not recommended. Reasons could stand on solid evidence or only on purpose to prevent unprooved but also undesirable threat.

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Acidy describes the sour-component of the coffee taste. Acidy (or level of acidity) is emphasised in Arabica coffee and in light roasts. It may have an unfavorable efect over the gastrointestinal functions.

People that are less tolerant with level of acidity however still wish to consume coffee, might choose a decaffeinated coffee or a natural low-acidity coffee from Brazil, India or Caribbee.
Other unfavorable effects that have actually been chosen (eg. When tested, over pregnant females) have actually not resulted in significant evidence. The medical society nowadays is rather exonerating coffee from long term negative effects upon human health.

The advantageous effects of coffee

Coffee has actually prooven useful results over individuals suffering from astma. 2 to 4 small cups of coffee through-out the day will help them minimize the recurency of astma-attacks and moderate their intensity.

Coffee includes natural anti-oxidants called ‘flavonoids’ that are wide called disease protectors.

The helpful effects of moderate caffeine usage are large acknowledged: caffeine deals with awareness, mood, sensorial activity and memory. Of course, you may choose to take your daily caffeine intake from other foods and beverages: chocolate, soft drinks based upon coca-nuts extract, tea.

Beside these results, rather prooven by the medical society, I would point out one more: the pure enjoyment of drinking an excellent cup of coffee. If everyone on this planet would do this every day, I think there would be less wars, suicides, illness, individuals experiencing anxiety etc.

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