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By the time you end up reading this short article, around 100,000 aluminium coffee pods are thrown into landfills around the UK!

Coffee capsules are extremely practical and go well with the fast pace of our modern-day times. They’re fast, simple to utilize, and regularly make a fantastic cup of coffee.

Over 300,000,000 aluminum and plastic coffee pods are utilized in the UK alone each year. The majority of them (approximately 95%) go straight to landfill without a doubt, even with the recycling programs that are put in place. Despite the efforts to motivate recycling, billions of plastic and aluminium pods are simply being thrown away across the world each year. To make this even worse, aluminium and plastic pods can take over 500 years to break down.

Video: Sustainable and Nespresso Pods by Moving Beans.

Even when recycling does take place, at best it’s a very difficult procedure and often totally impossible. The plastic and aluminium pods are made from several layers of specific products. This is needed because the brewing procedure needs the pods to be strong enough to stand up to enormous heat and pressure. The coffee pods need to survive a temperature of more than 100 degrees Celsius and 20 bar pressure. These are extremely difficult operating conditions!

But Moving Beans has actually concerned the rescue! The fully compostable coffee capsules take as low as 5 months to completely break down. That is the same quantity of time as it considers an orange peel to decompose! And this was a challenging engineering problem to resolve, mainly due to the fact that the coffee pods need to be made to endure the heat and pressure from the machine, but likewise due to the fact that it’s hard to develop a naturally degradable plastic that can create a full seal and keep the coffee fresh.

And the other vital component was not forgotten: great coffee. While the smart researchers went to work on making a sustainable coffee capsules, the coffee connoisseurs went on a mission to source some of the World’s finest coffees.

The result is the World’s finest coffees crammed in completely sustainable coffee pods that always keep the coffee fresh – and you can get it right here.

They are a market challenger that has provided Nespresso capsules for many years, with much more info at this link. Or go through a pertinent blog on compostable Nespresso pods. They were one of the first to provide truly aluminium-free coffee pods.

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