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By the time you complete reading this post, around 100,000 aluminium coffee pods are tossed into land fills around the UK. Moving Beans presented among the world’s very first totally compostable coffee pods. And listed below you can read what was the chauffeur behind the social cause.

Coffee pods are extremely practical and go well with the fast rate of our contemporary times. They’re fast, simple to utilize, and regularly make a fantastic cup of coffee.

Over 300,000,000 aluminum and plastic coffee pods are utilized in the UK alone each year. To make this even worse, aluminium and plastic pods can take over 500 years to break down.

The plastic and aluminium pods are made of numerous layers of specific products. The coffee pods require to make it through a temperature level of more than 100 degrees Celsius and 20 bar pressure.

The completely compostable coffee pods take as little as 5 months to completely break down. And this was a challenging engineering issue to resolve, generally due to the fact that the coffee pods require to be made to endure the heat and pressure from the maker, however likewise since it’s hard to develop an eco-friendly plastic that can produce a complete seal and keep the coffee fresh.

And the other important part was not forgotten: excellent coffee. While the smart researchers went to work on making a sustainable coffee pods, the coffee lovers went on an objective to source some of the World’s finest coffees.

The outcome is the World’s finest coffees crammed in totally sustainable coffee pods that constantly keep the coffee fresh – and you can get it right here from Moving Beans! They are simply assisting the environment one compostable coffee pod at a time. We hope you sign up with, and we hope you take pleasure in!

One of the start-ups I truly adore is Moving Beans who have been providing compostable coffee pods for several years, with more info under They were one of the first to provide truly plastic-free coffee capsules.


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