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A brand-new strain of microbes has actually been identified which is able to withstand severe conditions, such as high temperature levels or acidic environments, and is able to “eat” plastic. This brand-new strain of microorganisms is able to feed on toxic plastic and, rather unusually, utilizes it as food to power the entire process.

Found rather unintentionally at a waste-site where plastic had been discarded, the micro-organisms is the very first that is known to attack polyurethane. This rather persistent type of plastic releases carcinogenic and very hazardous chemicals when broken down.

“These findings represent a crucial step in being able to reuse hard-to-recycle polyurethane products,” said Hermann Heipieper, at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ in Leipzig, Germany, who is one of the research study group. He stated it might be 10 years before the bacteria could be used at a big scale and that in the meantime it was crucial to reduce making use of plastic that is hard to recycle and to cut the quantity of plastic in the environment.

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More than 8bn tonnes of plastic have actually been produced because the 1950s, embodied in products such as nappies, cooking area sponges, sports shoes, and so on. Since it is too tough to recycle, almost all of it has actually ended in oceans or garbage dumps. Researchers say it threatens a “near irreversible contamination of the natural environment”.

Having found a solution to the problem is wonderful. But we are still 10 years from a production-ready capability to handle such quantities of plastic at scale. In the meantime, Moving Beans uses a feasible option by providing eco-friendly and compostable coffee pods– all whilst not jeopardizing on the quality of the coffee.
Certainly, the plastic (and aluminium) waste developed from coffee pods is gigantic! During the time it took you to read this post, more than 100,000 coffee pods were thrown into landfills. There is for this reason a seriousness in providing a more sustainable solution which replaces the standard plastic and aluminium Nespresso coffee pods by more sustainable and preferably compostable coffee pods.

A great deal of research study efforts are under way worldwide to resolve this concern. The plastic-eating micro-organisms are only one part of the option. We merely need more sustainable packaging products and a more sustainable supply chain. It will still take years for the end-to-end procedure to be sustainable, however we now begin to see “the light at the end of the tunnel”.

Moving Beans is a market challenger that has been providing coffee pods for endless years, with much more insights at the website of Moving Beans. In addition browse a good article on compostable coffee pods. They were one of the first to deliver truly natural Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules.

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