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Land fill is a huge problem for the environment, especially here in the UK where we are so frantically except areas to put it. Each year, we chuck out over 26 million lots of home rubbish, more than half of which gets buried underground. Two-thirds of landfill is biodegradable, resulting in large amounts of greenhouse gasses being released as it decomposes and hence accelerating global warming.

If that’s not bad enough, there’s the capacity for regional environmental pollution caused by chemicals and bacteria leaking into the soil and rainwater where they can enter the food chain. Add to this the cost of getting rid of such huge amounts of rubbish and you can quickly see why it’s so important to do your bit to decrease it.

How do we make a distinction? In fact, it’s not that challenging. A few modifications here and there can have a significant impact, particularly if more of us use up the challenge. Here are 5 easy ways you can help reduce garbage dump.

First, Stop using plastic water bottles

Since the intro of the 5p plastic bag levy, the bag for life has become common. We’ve discovered 101 other fantastic uses for them besides simply doing our shopping. If it has been so easy for us to get over losing the plastic shopping bags, certainly it is just as easy to purchase a bottle for life and ditch the non reusable water bottle?

In the UK, we use 36 million plastic bottles every day and 16 countless these wind up in a land fill. Rather of sending your kids to school with a throwaway bottle, buy them a stylish bottle they can keep. You can do this for your gym bottles too, there are even specially developed ones you can use for cycling or jogging so you don’t need to carry them. You’ll also find that using tap water instead of mineral water can save you a fair bit throughout the years.

Second, Give home products a 2nd life

Having a clear out doesn’t indicate you need to toss things into the avoid. There are a lot of methods to ensure unwanted household products avoid the landfill website. Prior to you eliminate anything, ask yourself if it can be upcycled. A bit of inventiveness and a tin of paint can work wonders on old furnishings.

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If you are going to get rid of an item, attempt to see if it is of any worth to another person: offer it on eBay, have a garage or automobile boot sale, list it on Freecycle. Who knows, you might get a little money as well as assisting the environment.

Do it responsibly if you must throw it away. When you take it to the local council waste site, don’t just put everything in one bag and chuck it in the landfill-headed general rubbish avoid, instead, separate it so that it can be recycled.

3. Use eco-friendly coffee pods

For many years we’ve been in the habit of putting utilized teabags in the food recycling and coffee pods in the rubbish bin. That practice, regrettably, has actually become a little an issue. With a substantial increase in the numbers of individuals utilizing coffee makers, the number of plastic and aluminium pods being gotten rid of has reached staggering percentages. In the UK alone we use over 350 million a year. In Germany, some regional councils have even banned their usage in public structures– not surprising when you consider they can take 500 years to biodegrade.

There is, however, a happy solution for environmentally conscious coffee fans who desire the benefit of the humble coffee pod– the compostable pod. Here at Moving Beans, we’ve developed an eco-friendly pod that fully composts in a simple 16 weeks. This suggests you can now put your coffee pods in the recycling with the tea bags– which will likewise make it less of a trouble when you’re making a brew.

Summing up

As you can see, if you want to help in reducing the amount of waste going into the UK’s landfill websites, there are several things you can do: offer your old clothing to charity, minimized food waste, buy a multiple-use drinking bottle and reuse or sell on your old household products. And if you discover this thirsty work, grab yourself a great cup of coffee, knowing the pod can be recycled too.

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